The rise of the obsessive male eater…

9 06 2012

Man need meat

The stereotypical male menu – consisting of meat and not a lot else would you agree? Times are changing now and I think men are the more nutritionally aware sex. Don’t get me wrong, women are still well practised when it comes to counting calories, crash dieting and skipping meals but men have discovered weight-loss strategies beyond this.

At the extreme end of the scale, hospital admissions for eating disorders in males are up 16% in a year — that’s the bad news. But most male dieting is less extreme, more health-conscious, and therefore more successful, than the average woman’s, according to the weight-loss expert Dr John Briffa.

“For most men, it is not about wanting to look like the guy on the front of Men’s Health,” he says. “They just want to feel comfortable taking their shirt off on the beach and feel healthier generally. Men are incredibly realistic: they know they don’t have the time to do what it takes to look like David Beckham.” Briffa (2012)

Personally, I dont feel men are pressured as much by idealised images in the same way that women are. However, the fact is, the ‘mens health’ body is an unavoidable part of our culture. If its not David Beckham plastered over billboards and magazines in his pants, its that ‘everyday’ guy on the front of Mens health that makes you think, I can do that! The fact is, if you want to be a contender in life these days, you need to be living a healthier life and change for the better. Toby Wiseman, the editor of Men’s Health, does not agree that this has made men more vain and inclined to diet. “It is nothing to do with fashion,” he says, and everything to do with “healthy, goal-oriented eating”, which he believes should be celebrated. However, there is something about the way men watch their weight — their enthusiasm for a no-carbs rule or a dairy ban, and their ability to stick to a programme until they see results — that is mildly depressing for the females who have to live with them. Wiseman (2012)

The tables have turned

Men watching their weight has now messed with one of the fundamental jobs women had: men indulge and women try to stop them.  One of the standard requirements as a man used to be a healthy appetite along with them being able to handle their drink. Now, men are more fussy than the women calorie counting. Its like they have trained themselves. All in all, there eating habits are more similar to a teenage girl than a man. Men like goals and the aim to lose weight or tone up or just be more healthy sure has changed things.

The main difference between the sexes are that women associate dieting with hunger and torture. Men associate it with results and juicy meat. Men actually use this as a hobby with an in-built incentive seeing what foods they can get away with. They are fascinated with the hidden calories in fruits like Avacado’s and nuts.

I have a friend that will not even let his girlfriend cook with butter and hovers in the kitchen like a fly when she is cooking. Constantly analysing what she is using just incase she slips him some goose fat. Whether its to transform their body or just to exercise some control its becoming more and more prominent. Above all, they are getting good at it, who knew.